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    Call Turner Concrete @ 419-662-9008 for concrete parking curbs, bumpers, bollards, splash block, semi-permanent sign bases, and other small precast products. HQ in Toledo.

  • Concrete Paving For Parking Lots & More | Prices …

    100,000+ Square Foot Parking Lots: $6.00 Per Square Foot. The following prices apply to new concrete contracting jobs 6" in depth. 0-5,000 Square Foot Parking Lots: $11.70 Per Square Foot. 5,001-20,000 Square Foot …

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    We provide concrete curbing installations for commercial developments that serve as a barrier in parking lots or along streets where vehicles may be driven or parked. Known also as borders, it is a continuous extrusion that can be installed for commercial applications such as: Commercial parking lots – separating lot…

  • When you leave the jobsite, make sure the owner understands what needs to happen to keep the parking lot in good condition. With concrete, it's easy! Here are some tips: 1. Keep traffic off newly poured pavement for at least 3 days in the summer and 7 days in the winter. You want the concrete to have about 3000 psi compressive strength before it ta...

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